The Hammond Boys

"Soul Shouting" Sample  LIVE SOUL-JAZZ QUINTET

Straight No Chaser Dan Moretti & The Hammond Boys – J. Siegel Moretti is a gifted improviser who projects an authoritative presence, while reaping optimum support from his superb rhythm section.



Invoke Quartet and Strings

Acoustic quartet with strings.  All original Jazz-Based Music influenced by ECM.




Tres Muse Jazz Trio

Sample "Off The One"  PIANO-LESS TRIO

all about

"Medeski, Martin & Wood with Sax – V. Rogger 

Tres Muse is "Medeski, Martin & Wood with sax instead of keys....Hyperkinetic instrumental alchemy"


Foundations Traditional Blue Note Quintet


Something Else S. Victor Aaron

Curt Ramm/Dan Moretti/Bill Cunliffe – Foundations

"The songs all pack punch of varying intensity with logically constructed melodies, ranging from the no-nonsense post-bop swing to a contemporary minded rendering of the soul-jazz and hard bop found on so many classic Blue Note records."


The Piccola Orchestra La Viola Accordion Orchestra

The Journey


Once Through "Passing Place" Contemporary Jazz Sextet - CD

Passing Place – ejazznews

Well!!!.....Let's talk about some serious bebop horn lines & avante-garde that works. The combined group puts forth a certain virtuosity which is breathtalking. Moretti's improvised horn lines are technically superb.
George Carroll


Once Through "Stories" Contemporary Jazz Sextet - CD

Dan Moretti & Once Through Contemporary Jazz Quartet - CD

Latin Genesis w/Dave Liebman



December Solstice - CD

The Psychic Horns - CD

The Funky Psychic horns tear it up on the Whaling City Sound Release

That's Right - CD

Funky Jazz from Sax man Dan Moretti

Dan Moretti & Brazilia - CD

Latin Jazz Live at Chan's

Impressions - CD

Smooth acoustic Jazz with Peter Calo-Guitar, Marty Richards-Drums and Marty Ballou Bass.

Waiting for the Call - CD

Fusion Jazz with guests Steve Kahn-Guitar Poogie Bell-Drums, Mark Egan-Bass

Point of Entry - CD

Featuring Mike Stern-Guitar and Dave Samuels-Vibes

Sometime inside - Album

Limited Vinyl available...

20 year compilation on Sound Cloud - Sound Cloud Streaming

Here are some of my Original selections that were on the 29 year compilation.