"In fact, his intuition and experience shine like a beacon......Moretti no matter the setting offers a robust sound that illuminates the compositions.. The combination of a traditional jazz quartet with the added strings is fresh and adds a dimension to the sound that is sophisticated and rich. Moretti’s melody is modern yet grounded in the sounds of jazz. Moretti is never more inspired, his playing and creativity flow with abundant ideas and solid musicianship":............ https://www.staccatofy.com/jazz/dan-moretti-invoke-review/ https://www.chalkedupreviews.com/jazz/dan-moretti-invoke-review https://5fingerreview.com/dan-moretti-invoke-review/?fbclid=IwAR0lGNU6ZnrYldyDBduB_7B-7kGq_2IztQzoAGsSrBdRuUswlxwV_RSQEpU https://thejazzword.com/2018/11/dan-moretti-invoke/  ”

NEW INVOKE CD, Jazz Sensibilities

"Dan Moretti and his sax have toured the world..." "Dan Moretti wins the Prestigious MacColl-Johnson Jazz Composers Fellowship "All About Jazz Reviews" http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article_center.php?in_artist=Dan+Moretti#.VsJdOaO5XCE.email   Dan at Berklee College of Music https://www.berklee.edu/people/daniel-moretti   Dan at Yamaha  http://www.yamaha.com/artists/artistdetailb.html?CNTID=5162725&CTID=5070300   Dan at Vandoren http://www.dansr.com/vandoren/artists/dan-moretti   "Berklee Today Featured Article" https://www.berklee.edu/bt/142/coda.html    Feature Article International Musician  https://internationalmusician.org/dan-moretti/   Latin Genesis with Dave Liebman Jazz Times http://jazztimes.com/articles/13331-latin-genesis-david-liebman-don-braden-dan-moretti    Stories Once Through Jazz Times http://jazztimes.com/articles/14422-stories-dan-moretti-and-once-through     Fame Review of Dan Moretti & The Hammond Boys http://www.acousticmusic.com/fame/p09981.htm   Jazz Notes Dan Moretti & The Hammond Boys – Ken Frankling “New England-based tenor player Dan Moretti thrives at the intersection of jazz, blues and soul.” Straight No Chaser Dan Moretti & The Hammond Boys – J. Siegel “Dan Moretti’s new live Hammond Boys CD is spot on and perfectly captures the sizzle of the 60’s Soul-Jazz era.” O's Place Jazz Newsletter Dan Moretti & the Hammond Boys – D. OScar Groomes “It only takes a few words to describe the Dan Moretti & The Hammond Boys session: "They are cookin'!" Jazz Times Passing Place demonstrates Moretti's stylistic versatility. Moretti shows a command of the post-Coltrane straightahead swing and a feel for quiet introspection with exciting rock and funk. The group's execution is first class. David Franklin all about jazz.com "Medeski, Martin & Wood with Sax – V. Rogger  Tres Muse is "Medeski, Martin & Wood with sax instead of keys....Hyperkinetic instrumental alchemy"     Other Press Quotes Jazz Player Magazine – Lisa Osland "Dan's proficiency and performance standards know no bounds" "Multidimensional big tone" – Jazz Times Owen Cordle Dan Moretti and Tres Muse "Multidimensional big tone with plenty of jazz chops throughout this funky release" The American Jazz Reporter – Dan McClenaghan "Once Through" - "Musically telepathic, a communal performance, a collection of perfectly paced, impeccably performed, and beautifully recorded tunes. A bright, shining, unexpected gem." UPI National Jazz Scene – Ken Franckling "After several decades of cultivating his sound in every section of the jazz vineyard, Dan Moretti has emerged as a forceful, dynamic player and an outstanding conceptualist. That growth and maturation is evident throughout 'Latin Genesis'." -- Ken Franckling, UPI jazz columnist Passing Place – ejazznews Well!!!.....Let's talk about some serious bebop horn lines & avante-garde that works. The combined group puts forth a certain virtuosity which is breathtalking. Moretti's improvised horn lines are technically superb. George Carroll        ”

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