I longed for the old days of Gene Ammons, only recently coming back into the fold as cats such as Moretti have reinvested the venerable old school with new evocations.”

Fame Review

Saxophonist Dan Moretti and The Hammond Boys have released one of the best live records we’ve heard this year.”

The Jazz Page

Latin Genesis The saxophonists’ styles complement each other, and the delight lies not only in inspired, expressive solo blowing but also in the arrangements. A must have tribute to Elvin ”

Jazz Times

Invoke is an apt title, as you listen to the program, its diversity of compositions will enthrall your senses and challenge your ear, but all with a unified binding that gives the album an overall atmosphere. ”

The Jazz World.com

On 'Invoke' Moretti is never more inspired, his playing and creativity flow with abundant ideas and solid musicianship. Joined by a stellar cast of supportive players, his ideas are carried out with robust chemistry and adroit performances”

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On Invoke, Moretti no matter the setting offers a robust sound that illuminates the compositions. The addition of live strings to five of the tunes offers a profound awakening of the compositions.”


Moretti is never more inspired, his playing and creativity flow with abundant ideas and solid musicianship  ”

NEW INVOKE CD, Jazz Sensibilities

A deeper place in life where there are no boundaries.” Moretti has certainly achieved this with his latest album titled Invoke, an introspective album, that also serves as a moving, and at times, brawny listen.”

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Moretti is a supple player. His soprano tends more toward the willowy approach than the shrill, crying approach. His tenor eschews bluntness and rides the melodic curves smoothly.”

Jazz Times

New England–based saxophonist Dan Moretti with a strong underpinning of funk and Latin rhythms, his longstanding favorites, Tres Libre celebrates his creativity as a conceptualist and improviser. Ken Franckling ” - Ken Franckling

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